Why People Impact's Franchise?

1. Popular and Diversified Training Products

  • People Impact provides 3Q training programs (namely IQ, EQ and AQ) for babies to young adults to strengthen their wisdom and mindset so as to increase their opportunities and contentment in future prospects.
  • One of the key success reasons behind People Impact Franchise is that we are better and faster in identifying every child’s giftedness and provide the highest quality of training according to his or her needs with measurable progress supported by professional psychometrics assessment.

Our Franchise Brand Options


2. Strong management team support

People Impact excel as a team with diversity of leadership expertise and experiences from brain science, education, R & D, psychology, legal and finance in both Eastern and Western cultures, who are dedicated to provide professional and timely support to our franchisees from mastering daily operations, quality control, human resource management, to achieving outstanding business performance.

Our Management Team


3. Training Support from People Impact Academy

We understand people are your greatest assets in growing your business. Therefore People Impact Academy is set up for developing a pool of talented trainers and centre managers to help you run and operate a profitable training centre and meanwhile sustain a good quality of training service.

Currently 3 different Certificate Courses are delivered through web-base, classroom, teaching practice as well as job placement in Hong Kong, Shanghai and other cities on a regular basis.

  • Certificate of Professional People Impact Licensed Trainer
  • Certificate of Professional People Impact Master Licensed Trainer
  • Certificate of Professional People Impact Centre Management


4. Ongoing Franchise Support

Sales and marketing strategies plus training quality are the 2 key factors of success when running your education business. As People Impact franchisees, management and expertise from headquarters are easily accessible to give advise and support, as well as running regular and frequent training sessions to keep you on the right track to grow your centre business and update with current trends and future plans.

Our Support

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