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Baby Impact & Think Impact Franchisee

Holding a master degree in Hospitality Management (University of Birmingham), a master degree in Business Administration (Monash University) and a Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management (Hong Kong Polytechnic University); having worked across the industries of hospitality management, education, academic curriculum design and development; having been a speaker for various education institutions; I am experienced in youth education, student developmental strategy planning and implementation.

My life-long service focuses mainly on teenagers. From my service, I am motivated seeing my students' commitment and continual growth as a consequence of my guidance. I believe early education has a great impact on life-changing development of children. That contributes to my wish to open up a quality children education centre all the way.

I am pleased to be a franchisee of People Impact. The training program and philosophy are on a par with my ambition. I am confided with the professional, rigorous supporting and training team from People Impact for the growth of my centre staff.

Leader Impact® Franchisee

Getting in touch with families from different backgrounds, my service witnesses the change in family development, the pressure parents need to bear and the exhaustion a school child need to go through. It is always right for parents to hope high for the next generation but an authoritative parenting style and the ever-changing education system is in no way helping our children to be self-confident, creative, communicative, flexible and eloquent enough to tackle the fast pacing development in the world.

Getting to know how Leader Impact works by establishing a research-based and systematic curriculum to help our new generation, I decided to become a franchisee of Leader Impact, agreeing to the beliefs and mission of the institution. It is common to see other playgroups which provide a single-module session, yet their focus is not on IQ or psychological assessments. Without the support of a systematic rationale in left and right brain development, the effectiveness may not be long-lasting.

What I appreciate the most in the franchisee system is the guidance it provides, from centre set-up to world-class training, all these contribute to a minimal time required to commit to the business. Marketing is also not a task to be handled alone, the franchise system helps to multiply the rate of my business development. Wish a smooth development of Leader Impact, and I believe with an inter-dependent relation between China and Hong Kong, the business development of Leader Impact will go beyond its past.


Leader Impact® Franchisee

Ever since having my own child since 2007, I have been wondering, what kind of people will be able to handle the competitiveness in the future? What kind of people can live happily? Parents with vision will say that our kids’ future life depends on the decisions made today.

As parents, we know our child deserves respect, encouragement and praise - but is showering our children with more than they need a good thing? On the other hand, we fear they may not succeed if we do not provide sufficiently and let them develop independently. Since one has no control over the environment, but as a parent, I strongly believe we can give beyond mere traditional education; a chance for kids to explore their character, creativity and potential so that they can learn and grow with fun and joy. Once our children know more about themselves & aims and how to interact with the world, parents may simply take up the role of just loving our children.

This year, I officially launched Leader Impact in Changsha, hoping that children here can experience international learning and training of soft-skills, especially on self-esteem, anger management, teamwork & communication skills and resources management. I sincerely believe that it is our duty as parents to work together in this direction for giving a better and brighter future for our children.


Leader Impact® Franchisee

In the fall of 2012, Futurebook, where I, myself, am employed, launched ‘Leader Impact’ of People Impact utilizing my 10-years of education industry expertise. Much different from the existing leadership programs already on the market, this program offers unique ways for young students to come up with measurable solutions on real issues, through the medium of interesting game-play and activities. If existing leadership programs dogmatically demand for people to bottle up their anger, Leader Impact encourages people to effectively channel out their anger. Talking with peers and the positive feedback received, the results have been promising.

When looking at these types of detailed directions, one can't help but wonder how People Impact, for the last 10 years, has been insightfully observing children's psychology and daily routine with affection and suggest solutions to problems with such wit and responsibility. After conducting several Licensed Master Training sessions in Korea, the most frequent feedback I received from my many trainers was “More young children in Korea should get a taste of these programs.”

Through a strong partnership with People Impact, I am committed to a successful launch this fall, so more Korean students can receive the “soft-skill” education that is prevailing at a global level.


Baby Impact® Franchisee

The babies nowadays are different from the past - the nutrients, parents and environment they get now are also different. They develop faster and should be stimulated earlier than what we thought in the past. I am really happy Baby Impact coincides with my belief that babies should not be over-stimulated before 6 months. We share the same philosophy babies should receive some quality stimulation through activities thereafter, in order to fulfil potential and maximise their development.

As a seasoned educator and teacher, I am skilled with the expertise to identify great pedagogies, curriculum and programmes, look beyond the premium marketing, beautiful packaging and good sales pitch. All I wanted is a practical and effective programme with sound underlying pedagogies for everyone else’s babies and toddlers.

I decided on Baby Impact after evaluating the programme and people. Quality programme and character qualities are highly important to me. The Founder’s sincerity, humility, authenticity, passion, professional yet non-commercial-like way of business, synergise and seal our partnership. Baby Impact is set to make waves in Singapore and internationally. The benefits are obvious; market demand is high and quality unparalleled. We are excited to bring this good news to all babies and parents to East Asia! I am also going to use our expertise and experience to help babies and toddlers with special needs. It will be the first of such services available in Singapore.

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